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Lavender products

Продукти от лавандула
Lavender products
   Lavender oil
  • Aroma: soft-woody, soothing, light, fresh.
  • Volatility: medium.
  • Main properties: soothing, deodorizing.
  • Effects on the body: Rejuvenates, renews, regenerates and protects the skin from premature aging. Improves and maintains normal health and elasticity of the skin, balances oily skin, prevents the formation of acne. It has a beneficial effect on the prevention of the oral cavity. Reduces dandruff, stimulates hair growth, strengthens nails. Deodorizes and neutralizes unpleasant odors in the premises. Aromatizes clothes in wardrobes. 
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Lavender products
 Lavender water
  • Bulgarian Lavender Water is highly sought-after. Some of Galen-N’s fields in Bulgaria are planted with Lavandula angustifolia, more commonly known as Lavandula Vera or the lavender plant.
  • Usually referred to as “True Lavender” or “Fine Lavender”, this species of the plant is the one most often required by the medicinal and aromatherapy industries.
  • It has been known for centuries for its aroma and beneficial medical qualities. In modern times, these are known to be antibacterial, moisturizing, toning and anti-allergic properties.
  • Our Bulgarian Lavender Water is created from our own-grown fresh Lavender flowers which are steam distilled in our own distillery.
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