High quality from Bulgaria

Company presentation

  "Arian 1" Ltd, with registration number 205257374 in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Bulgaria, was founded in 2018 year. It is the successor of Arian - Stoyan Petrov ET, with registration number in the Bulgarian Commercial Register E 041074221, founded in 1990 year.
  • The company has initiatives in various types of business. One of our priority activities is the export from Bulgaria of: lavender oil, rose oil, rose water and other essential products. All products, before being offered to our potential customers, go through the necessary quality control and then agree on the desired quantity and type of product with our trading partners.

   Some of the products we offer:
  • Conventional lavender oil
  • Organic lavender oil
  • Lavender water
  • Rose oil
  • Rose water and Others

  • The packaging is made of aluminum, plastic, iron and other materials depending on the type of product and its quantity. Quantities are negotiated individually with the buyer depending on the quantities available at the date of negotiations and the quality desired by the buyer.

The Republic of Bulgaria ranks first in the world in the export of essential products.

We are ready for business cooperation with partners from all over the world.

We remain with best wishes, With respect, Stoyan Petrov Manager